You’ve decided who you want to spend the rest of your life with, now where do you start creating the memories that will do that justice?   Raemoir. 

Raemoir is only available on a private use basis. We encourage you to see the house as your own, which ensures that your imagination can fly whilst keeping your day intimate and special. Whether you dream of a grand fairytale ceremony or just a family get together, we have the venue and experience to help create that memorable event.

The house itself can hold 120 (split most comfortably between 70 day guests plus 50 more at night) otherwise the Marquee, which is connected to the house by a weatherproof link, is available. Between the house and the 14 acres of grounds there are cosy nooks, wide open spaces, room to dance, room to relax, there’s even a Woodland Cathedral which allows that real rustic touch to it all.